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Mike is “Possessed of an impeccable sense of rhythm and phrasing, blessed with matchless pitch and vibrato, and uniquely capable of wresting sublime, organic tones out of guitars and amps.” (JamSphere Independent Music Magazine, November 14, 2018). He “lets his guitar sing the way we want to hear it, like Lukather, Clapton and Schon.”  (Gabor Kleinbloesem, Strutterzine Independent Music Magazine, June 2016).

“Psychedelia” will almost certainly become a benchmark for the elusive pursuit of excellence in both technique and articulation, when it comes to independent productions,” and is an “amazing EP,” and “one of a handful of instrumental song collections that . . . could put on any time and listened to all the way through.” (JamSphere Independent Music Magazine, November 14, 2018).

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