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Thank you so much for buying the remaining three songs on my EP “Psychedelia.”. I lot of work went into that EP and the fact that I get to share the result with people like you means the world to me.  I hope that you enjoy the music!

And if you’re a fan of instrumental music, I wanted to give you the chance to get a digital copy of my first four-song EP, “Synergy,” for just $3.96.  Recording in 2015, “Synergy” was critically-acclaimed and one song, “Midnight Sky,” even won an award for Best Instrumental Song.  But please know that even if you decide not to get a copy of “Synergy,” I really appreciate your support!  And please feel free to email me at mike@mikedeklevamusic.com, and let me know what you think of the music.  I’d love to hear from you!

No thanks, I’d like to pass on getting “Synergy,” and proceed with getting my download links.

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